Pool Umbrellas

The Perfect Pool Umbrellas for Perth To Melbourne & Beyond

No outdoor pool is complete without an umbrella or two. Finbrella’s beautiful colours, stripes and patch panels together with polished stainless steel centre-pole options and patented wind stability profiles, make our pool umbrellas remarkable complements to any outdoor pool setting.

Finbrella’s innovative design ensures that you can enjoy the shade even on windy days. An inverted bowl design augmented with a deployable fin, Finbrella allows air to flow through the canopy geometry, instead of trapping it below, raising the pressure on the underside and creating lift. This design is more effective than the vents more commonly seen on wind-resistant umbrellas, and ensures that your Finbrella stays stable while still keeping you dry in the rain.

Smart, effective anchoring systems

The importance of the anchoring of pool shade umbrellas is all too often an aspect that is poorly considered and often an afterthought. At Finbrella, we regard the anchoring system just as importantly as the shade geometry, the aesthetics and the materials of construction. Finbrella provides a number of anchoring options. These options are all interchangeable: fixed-position and movable bases, paver and low profile, grass spikes and sand poles.

In this way not only does Finbrella provide robust anchoring systems but also permits even our largest pool umbrellas to be easily moved to suit the variable requirements of shading around any pool. Whatever the nature of your property, the Finbrella collection of pool umbrellas for sale is the perfect complement to your pool space.

Providing convenience and security

When closed with its protective cover, our umbrellas can be left poolside or in your garden all year round or simply removed from the anchoring base and stored. Versatile and built to last, they’re the ideal choice for Australia’s harsh climate, providing UPF 50+ protection against ultraviolet light. Select your Finbrella from our range of sizes, colours, patterns and designs and be prepared for summer.

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