About Finbrella

Finbrella; wind-stable shade umbrellas are suitable for patios, pools, gardens, boats, beaches and commercial applications. Based in the world’s third windiest city, Perth, Western Australia. Since 2012, we have been committed to the development of our novel umbrella design, which was originally invented and patented in Italy. The umbrellas are most simply described as “a rotating shade umbrella with a Fin” and hence the name Finbrella.

Finbrella offers a completely innovative shade umbrella that is durable, high-quality and aesthetically remarkable. After spending years designing, testing and refining, the result is the range of centre pole style Finbrella models we are now proud to offer you.

Finbrella continues to passionately develop new models and refine our existing ones. Partnering with our specialist umbrella manufacturer whose experience and capability to produce the Finbrellas to our very specific design specifications, we can ensure supply of products of the highest consistent quality.

In 2016 Finbrella was selected as a finalist in the Australian Good Design Awards in Sydney and acknowledged with a Good Design Selection. 

Finbrella really does make wind sense and in doing so we are sure that it will extend your enjoyment of whichever outdoor activities require sun protection and where the wind might otherwise interfere.

Some of our recent commercial clients include:

Moët Hennessy, Riviera Motor Yachts, True North, Main Camp Natural Extracts, Oakridge Wines, Perth Concert Hall, Petition Kitchen, Vans Cottesloe, Swings & Roundabouts, Odyssea Beach Café, Yelo Café and CMS Events.