Cafes, Hotels, Wineries, Beer Gardens & Parklets

Entice patrons with a relaxation of Finbrellas rather than a phalanx of umbrellas.

Simple, functional and lightweight allows easy staff manageability. Highest quality materials of construction permit years of high-usage durabilities in busy cafes and venues.

Highest quality canopy colours and printing with design assistance for product promotion.

The vertical fin and canopy rotation (with/in the wind) provide unique brand advertising options.

We have your next best quality shade umbrella covered! 

When you are ready to upgrade your cafe umbrella, hotel umbrella, winery umbrella, beer garden umbrella or parklet umbrella, there is a Finbrella umbrella and anchoring combination to suit or we can customize one for you. 

Commercial umbrellas on the fabulous rooftop garden of the Tradewinds Hotel, Fremantle

Finbrella umbrellas with both fixed and movable bases ( )

Hotel umbrellas by the Tradewinds pool area. Movable low profile galvanised bases allow guests and staff to maximise shade as required

Coca Cola and Gino's co-branded cafe umbrellas on custom fixed position umbrella bases

5 x F-330 cafe umbrellas at Gino's Cafe, Fremantle, West Australia ( )

Custom branding / printing on the topside and underside of the umbrella canopy maximises brand exposure

Finbrella shade umbrellas in several sizes and anchoring types for The Orange Box, North Fremantle

Cafe umbrellas at The Orange Box. Check it out ( )

3 x F-330 Finbrella Umbrellas on Movable Low Profile Bases at the Newpark Tavern

Galvanized steel base plate detail of Finbrella Umbrellas at the Newpark Tavern

Finbrella F-330s and F-280 cafe umbrellas at Ostro Eatery, Rockingham

Shading the lovely western facing parklet

Cafe shade umbrellas for Ostro Eatery's, Rockingham parklet ( )

Both fixed and movable bases give maximum shade options for staff and guests at Ostro

Finbrella F-330 and F-280 models, providing shade for the Sorganic parklet in Subiaco

Cafe umbrellas providing morning to early afternoon shade ( )

Two F-280 models in custom blue & white stripes, providing wind-stable shade for Boucla's Subiaco parklet

Cafe umbrellas at Boucla ( )

F-330-S cafe umbrellas with Peroni fin branding on Fixed position Camlock bases at Oceans 27 cafe, Alkimos

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The new 2019 Peroni logo was printed on the Finbrella fin

316 stainless steel cafe umbrellas mounted on concrete footings and pavement

Four red F-220 Finbrella on custom height Table Pole at Maison Saint Honore, cafe in Caversham

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