Care and Maintenance

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Care and Maintenance

Extend the life and appearance of your Finbrella by:

  1. Hosing down the poles and frame regularly with fresh water particularly if you have been using your Finbrella in a salty/marine environment.
  2. Hosing down the canopy regularly (at least once a fortnight) to remove dirt, dust and bird shit to avoid it becoming engrained in the canopy fabric. Always allow the canopy to air dry completely before closing and storage.
  3. For spots and marks that are not readily removed by hosing, use a soft bristled brush and a little mild soap or mild detergent with warm (less than 40°C) water then rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Allow the canopy to completely air dry before closing.
  4. Your Finbrella should be completely dry before closing, covering and or storing. This will minimize the chances of mould and mildew growth. Mildew or mould should be removed as soon as spotted.
  5. It is highly recommended that a Finbrella protective cover be used whenever the Finbrella is not in use for any extended period and make sure it is stored in a dry, well ventilated area.
  6. Particular care should be taken not to damage/deform the bottom end of the Finbrella’s upper pole. Even slight deformation of the upper pole end (e.g. by impact against the ground) can result in the upper pole being unable to fit over the base/sand pole spigot and to allow free rotation.
  7. Finbrellas are designed to allow for the easy replacement of any part that becomes damaged for whatever reason or that the owner may simply wish to change (e.g. the canopy). Be sure and check warranty conditions. Such replacements can most often be undertaken by the owner with basic handyman skill. Parts are always readily available.

Download Instructions

Download: Detailed instructions are provided with all Finbrellas and can be downloaded here in PDF format.