Finbrella Models

Introducing our range of Finbrella models.
Available in five sizes.

How does the Finbrella work?

Learn about our wind-stable ‘Fin-technology’.

Canopy Geometry

After pulling down the handle to deploy the ‘Fin’, the canopy assumes a smooth asymmetrical profile allowing the wind to flow through.

Dynamic Shade

The 'Fin' acts as a wind vane responding to changes in wind direction, rotating and aligning the canopy to provide constant wind-stability.


Using any of the required anchoring systems, our ‘Fin-technology’ can confidently handle wind speeds of 30 kilometres per hour.

Want to know more about the design principles behind our ‘Fin-technology’? Learn More

Features & Options

Key product features and options available.

Wind-stable ‘Fin-technology’

All models are premium quality centre pole style umbrellas with hexagonal canopies - with one major difference. Discover more.

Colourful Canopy Range

A beautiful selection of fabrics, colours and designs. Custom patterns can also be made to order using polyester fabrics. View more.

Highest Quality Outdoor Materials

Constructed using marine grade 316 stainless steel, resin coated aluminium, nylon-6 components, UV resistant thread and woven fabric. Learn more.

Stainless Steel Centre Pole

Optional marine grade 316 polished stainless steel centre pole for an extra clean, durable and elegant aesthetic. View more.

Interchangeable Canopies

Allows for easy maintenance and cost-effective changes of colour/design to suit different settings. Carry bags and protective covers also available.

Replaceable Components

Because human engineering is ultimately no match for the wind god Aeolus, we've made replacing components easy.