Accessories & Extras

Complete your Finbrella experience.
Carry bags, protective covers and optional extras.

Polished Stainless Steel Centre Pole Option

Optional marine grade 316 polished stainless steel centre pole for an extra clean, durable and elegant aesthetic. Available on all models except the F-160.

Shoulder Bags

Perfect for carrying your Finbrella and sand pole to the beach. Shoulder bags come standard for all F-160, F-220 and F-280 ‘Beach Packs’ in matching fabric. Also available separately.


Made in pacific and navy blue Recacril® 300 gsm solution dyed woven acrylic fabrics. Available for the F-220 and F-280 models, these zip-up bags are particularly useful to carry and store multiple anchoring components
(e.g. sand pole, camlock spigot).

Zip-Up Protective Covers

Made in cadet grey Recacril® 300 gsm solution dyed woven acrylic fabric.
The internal placement pole makes for easy usage. Available in two sizes,
the smaller is suitable for the F-220 and F-280 models, and the larger size
for the F-330 and F-400 models.


Because human engineering is ultimately no match for the wind god Aeolus, we've made replacing components easy. Components available include:

  • Camlock ground plates
  • Camlock spigot
  • Sand poles and movable bases
  • Interchangeable canopies
  • All structural components