Materials of Construction

Fine-tuned to achieve the strength and durability that will ensure years of trouble free use with minimal maintenance.


Grade 6061 (T6) aluminium, with protective resin coatings.

Finbrella components:
Centre pole, ribs, struts and movable bases.

Stainless Steel

Marine Grade 316 stainless steel.

Finbrella components:
All screws, nuts, bolts, eyelets, brackets, badges and locking mechanisms.

F-Models with polished stainless steel centre pole option:
F-220  |  F-280  |  F-330  |  F-400


Nylon-6, black, injection-molded, high strength.
Very resistant to abrasion and coloured with UV absorbent pigment.

Finbrella components:
All runners, caps, inserts, guides, bushes.
Brackets on the F-330 and F-400 models.


4mm braided polyester, non-stretch marine grade rope
with 400 kg breaking strain.

Finbrella components:
The ‘Fin’ rope and handle system.

Stitching Thread

UV resistant, high strength polyester yarn.

Finbrella components:
All seams and stitched attachments.

Recacril® Fabric

Recacril® solution dyed woven acrylic fabric (300 gsm).
ASTM and AATCC rated ‘Excellent’ (UPF 50+), weather-ability and

Standard canopy fabric for the F-280, F-330 and F-400 models.
Optional for the F-160 and F-220 models.

Finbrella components:
Canopies, protective covers and zip-up carry bags.

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Olefin Fabric

Woven polyolefin fabric (220 gsm).
ASTM rated ‘Very Good’ (UPF 50+), weather-ability and colour-fastness.
Lighter weight, strong and easy clean.

Standard canopy fabric for the F-160 and F-220 models.

Finbrella components:
Canopies and shoulder bags.

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