Boat Umbrellas

Australia’s First Purpose-Designed Boat Umbrellas

Particularly in Australia, umbrellas find applications for just about any outdoor activity. Australia has the highest per capita boat ownership in the world and yet purpose built marine boat umbrellas are near impossible to find – until now with Finbrella.

Attractive, functional and above-all wind-stable, the range of boat umbrellas for sale from our Perth location provide up to 10.4 m2 of shade, making them perfect for even the largest vessels. All the components used in our boat umbrellas are marine grade including all steel parts fabricated in 316 stainless steel (including recommended polished stainless centre pole option) and the highest quality Recacril outdoor canopy fabrics, providing superior durability and colour fastness. Make an investment in your boat and choose the long-lasting umbrella preferred by mariners across the country.

Built for your lifestyle

Finbrella’s proprietary fixed position Camlock deck plate anchoring system allows the Finbrella to be stowed then very easily set up only as and when required thereby preserving unencumbered deck spaces. Finbrella is also completing a gunwale knuckle type anchoring system exclusively for its boat umbrella application.

With the various Finbrella anchoring options the boat umbrella can be readily used on the beach or indeed relocated back home to the garden, making it a versatile purchase for any boat-owner. Effortlessly go from a picnic on the sand to a sunset cruise around the bay – all the while protected from the sun’s damaging rays – with Finbrella.

The best for your property, on water or on land

Finally, Finbrella’s unique wind stability features further reinforce its status as the very best boat umbrellas for sale. Even on blustery days, you will be able to sit on deck with friends and enjoy your time on the water. Its unique design allows wind to flow through the canopy, minimising pressure build-up on the underside which so often leads to escaped or inside-out umbrellas. Relax without having to fiddle with your shade with help from Finbrella’s high-quality range.

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