Patio Umbrellas

Wind-Stable Patio Umbrellas For Australia

Patios, those wonderful paved areas bridging the indoors of the home with the outdoors of the garden.

Australia’s ever increasing love of and demand for al fresco eating, dining and relaxing means that evermore attention is being applied to the lifestyle importance of the patio. It’s about more than just making it look good; people are realising that the patio is a unique space in their homes and that it requires more than just some outdoor furniture for it to realise its full potential.

Providing some type of cover to a patio is the norm and in this way creating a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors. Keep you and your guests protected from the sun while still enjoying the fresh air with our patio umbrellas.

A secure, attractive addition to any property

Finbrella’s range of patio umbrellas for sale provide the most versatile and elegant way to cover your patio.   Pergolas over patios can be beautifully complemented with a patio umbrella, providing a bit of additional shade and colour to the space.

With movable bases, even our largest patio umbrellas can be easily shifted to optimize the shade and privacy on the patio. Integrate yours into your décor with our range of anchoring options, including our movable paver base, allowing you to match your new Finbrella to surrounding landscaping features for the very best in outdoor design.

Finbrella’s smaller patio umbrellas (F-220 and F-280) already find popular application either with fixed or movable anchoring, over or adjacent to the BBQ and food serving areas on the patio.

Patios have become one of the most important entertainment areas of the home and it behoves the discerning host to have the very best patio umbrella available online. Keep your guests out of the sun and add some visual appeal to your outdoor space with Finbrella and browse our collection today.

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