Garden Umbrellas

The Best In Garden Umbrellas For Australia

The Australian garden is sacrosanct – your private space outdoors where a chair, a table and a garden umbrella allows you to relax, entertain or simply reflect. Ensure that you’re enjoying your space in a safe way by investing in shade.

Australians are increasingly spending on garden plants and amenities. Too often and too quickly garden umbrellas become dysfunctional eyesores, left closed and forlorn or relegated to the shed until finally discarded for verge collection. Fortunately, there is an alternative that provides crucial protection from the sun’s harsh rays while adding colour and elegance to an outdoor space.

Blending form and function

Finbrella has now designed a long-lasting, wind stable garden and patio umbrella that will provide years of great looking shade. Finbrella provides a selection of earthy, neutral or popping colours; integrate your shade solution into your space by having your canvas in complementary colours or in vivid designs. Readily replaceable parts and anchoring options mean we can suit any ground surface, making the Finbrella the perfect choice for more backyards.

Finbrella provides functional and enduring garden umbrella models from 2.2 to 4.0m in diameter that will enhance the look and enjoyment of your special garden spaces for years to come. Keep your guests out of the sun in an attractive and functional way with help from Finbrella.

Our collection of anchoring options ensures that you always have the safest, most appropriate fixing point for your umbrella. Even large garden umbrellas can be securely and attractively integrated into your existing décor with ground spikes or our movable paver base, allowing you to blend your new addition into surrounding landscaping features.

Enquire today

With so many different sizes, designs and configurations of garden umbrellas for sale, it’s easy to equip your property with the best. Speak to us today at our Perth headquarters and find out why home and business-owners across the country choose Finbrella for their garden. 

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