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Dine In Comfort With Australia’s Finest Outdoor Café Umbrellas

More and more commercial cafés and restaurants are providing outdoor service areas from courtyards to sidewalks, balconies to waterfronts. Sun and rain protection is an essential part of such al fresco areas. Umbrella are often the most cost effective method to provide such protection and atmosphere.

Café umbrellas should ideally tick a myriad of boxes: Cost, appearance, performance, durability, ease of set-up, maintainability/repair, safety and regulatory compliance. You want to keep your customers out of the sun, rain and wind, without affecting the visual appearance of your dining area.

Only the best for your business

Finbrella offers non-permanent commercial and café umbrellas that are sure to meet your requirements. Models ranging in size from 2.2 to 4.0m in diameter can be mixed and matched to provide shading for any shaped areas. Designed by a reputable Perth firm, we help businesses across the country increase the useability and the appearance of their outdoor spaces.  

Finbrella also provides outstanding custom branding on the canopy fin and/or on the canopy itself. Finbrella café umbrellas have been supplied with the business’s logo and also with those of their supplier sponsors (a popular way for owners to fund café and restaurant umbrellas). Custom colours and other customizations are also possible, meaning you can personalise your unit to match the colour scheme and physical needs of your business.

The variety of anchoring options available and the simple functionality of Finbrella can ensure that a workable solution to just about any requirement can be delivered. Our range of café umbrellas for sale delivers lasting quality and functionality, and is sure to be an asset to your business summer after summer.

Finbrella’s eye-catching design and dynamic wind alignment, will draw the additional customer attention that every business owner wants. Provide an exceptional al fresco dining experience with the added bonus of increasing the visual appeal of your property with Finbrella.
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