Finbrella Boat Umbrellas. New addition to Germany made Sunfloat

F-220 Boat Umbrella in 6061 powder-coated aluminium as standard inclusion on the new Sunfloat

A day on the Sunfloat

Clear water, great weather and the beach is jam-packed. A raft floats around a few meters from the shore in the middle of the bay and attracts everyone's attention: the Sunfloat. Up to four people can easily be accommodated on the wooden deck. Campers, short vacationers and water lovers can enjoy the sun and relax on the cozy planks made of local ash. The Sunfloat is powered by an environmentally friendly electric outboard that does not even require a boat license.

A height-adjustable parasol that is firmly attached to the raft provides sun protection and can withstand strong gusts. When the holidaymakers have reached their destination, they can drop the anchor and extend the bathing ladder. In a few seconds, the brisk raft becomes a small island that is perfect for sunbathing or a dip in the cool water.

The Sunfloat is transported in three carrier bags. It not only fits in every motorhome or caravan, but can also be easily stowed in most cars. The handy individual parts can be easily assembled thanks to step-by-step instructions. A single vacationer only needs about 25 minutes.

A real eye-catcher is the noble design of the Sunfloat, which knows how to impress with its high-quality materials. For example, the wood for the planks is obtained exclusively from regional ash. The aluminum frame of the raft is extremely robust, but it is still light in weight, making it easy to transport.

A day on the Sunfloat: that's luxury camping, adventure and pure relaxation at the same time!